Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a party!


It's been a little slow on the blog over the past few weeks -- not because nothing has been happening (that's NEVER the case around here) but because we've all been so absorbed in preparation and planning for the all-college Capital Campaign Kickoff and the first meeting of the Park School National Advisory Board.

The meetings and special events occurred last week, on Thursday and Friday, and just ask anybody who was there: they were among the most exciting and inspiring events anybody around here has seen in decades.

Here in Park, we played host to about a dozen of our most successful and accomplished alumni -- starting with Bob Iger, CEO and president of the Walt Disney Company. Iger was on campus to serve as the campaign's honorary chair, but he had the good grace (and wisdom) to insist on spending some time with Park students.

So there he was on Thursday afternoon, one of the most influential and powerful people in the media today, taking questions from all of you guys. Good questions, too. Afterwards, he said it was the high point of his visit to campus, and he could have "done that all day." I, of course, immediately invited him to return whenever he happens to have the time.

But Iger wasn't the only major media player in Park last week. The school has a new advisory board comprised of some of its most successful alumni. They spent two days with us, listening to a series of reports about the "State of the Park School," and offering their insight and advice about the future. They also spent about 90 minutes at our all-school reception Thursday afternoon, talking to students (and without exception, they said that you all were amazing, poised, smart, thoughtful....in other words, Parkies!).

All in all, it was a huge success -- thanks to the commitment of our alumni, the incredible work of our staff (special thanks to April Korpi in my office, and Yeulanda Degala and Melissa Gattine in our Special Programs office), and the energetic participation of our faculty and students.

Bottom line: this really is one amazing place.....


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