Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Match Game: It's ba-a-a-ack....and in podcast!

Parkie Craig Reid came into my office at the beginning of the semester with an amazing idea: He wanted to produce an IC version of the longstanding game show "The Match Game." And he wanted to do it for podcast.

You have to love it: Imagine sitting out in back of the Park School, waiting for the bus, and watching The Match Game on your cell phone. Now that's what I call mobile entertainment.

Craig asked for a little help, we managed to come up with some (hey, we're all about new ideas here in the Park School), and a few weeks ago, he pulled together cast and crew and shot the first series of 'episodes.' I was supposed to be one of the panelists, but that's another story; I'm waiting for my turn later this month. But in the meantime, Craig's first productions are now available on Google:

Episode I
Episode II

And did you know the Match Game was known around the world as "Blankedy Blank"? Watch the show. You'll see why....


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