Wednesday, December 27, 2006

60 Minutes goes digital....and YOU'RE the producer!

Sixty Minutes wants to know what you think, care about, or want to see on news television (OK, Web). And who better to produce it than you?

There doesn't seem to be a deadline for submissions, but sooner would probably be better than later if you want to get on the list of regular contributors.

To: Interested students
From: Don Hewitt

When I first came up with the idea for “60 Minutes,” I was convinced that a show with concise, well-told stories could succeed on television where hour-long documentaries didn’t. I now believe the time is right for a news magazine produced by and for your generation and presented on your medium, the Internet. If you’d like to produce stories for it, what follows should answer your questions.

Who we are: The Hewitt Group, LLC was founded by Don Hewitt, the creator and long-time executive producer of “60 Minutes,” the longest running and most successful news magazine in broadcast history. Don’s colleagues include Steven
Hewitt, former president of Hallmark Entertainment and executive producer of Showtime Networks, and Harry Moses, who has produced documentaries for every network and almost 100 stories for “60 Minutes.”

What the show’s about: In the simplest terms, it’s a news magazine produced - at least for now - by journalism and film students and broadcast on the Web to an audience of their contemporaries. There will be a full menu of stories but because we don’t expect everyone to stay tuned from beginning to end, our viewers will be able to pick and choose what interests them from about 30 minutes of content.

What kind of stories are we looking for? Whatever you think is important in the world, or are mad as hell about, or are moved or amused by. We’re wide open as to style and content as long as the stories employ sound reporting. Stories shouldn’t be much longer than three minutes and can be as short as one minute. We’re also looking for what newspapers call “op-ed” pieces in which you can sound off on a subject of your choice. Even if we and you think you’re brilliant on camera, op-eds should not exceed 60 seconds.

What’s in it for you? If your work is chosen for the pilot or shows promise, you will join a short list of regular contributors to the magazine. Once the series appears on the Web, you’ll be paid for your contributions.

A helpful hint: Strong characters can save a weak story. Weak characters can sink the strongest of stories. So try to cast your story with people whose personas make you pay attention. . . people who are forceful, animated, quirky,
whatever - -you’ll know it when you see it.

Technical stuff: We don’t care what you shoot your stories on; even cell phone cameras are okay as long as the image is clear and the sound is clean. Videos can be sent to us over the Internet by using to send the file to our e-mail address: Be sure to keep files under 100mb. Or you can put your stories on DVD or VHS and snail mail them to Don Hewitt, 555 W. 57th Street, 8th floor, New York, N.Y. 10019.


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