Sunday, January 28, 2007

Parkies do make a difference in the world...

This just in from the IC chapter of the American Advertising Federation, an extraordinary group of students that provides incredible service to organizations that need it -- like the community's Foodnet Meals on Wheels program. Take a few minutes to read the summary of their work; maybe it'll inspire you to join in!

When the Foodnet Meals on Wheels program needed to increase public awareness of their organization and mission, they turned to AAF for help. AAF is the Ithaca College chapter of the American Advertising Federation. President Leo Pike and VP Julie Gutman took the lead, supported by other club members and Faculty Advisor Scott Hamula.

AAF acted as a marketing firm taking on Foodnet as a client. A marketing strategy was presented to the Foodnet Board of Directors and approved. Target groups including Elders and Caregivers, Local Residents, and the College Community were identified. Of equal importance were people with the inclination and ability to give financial support.

Our main objectives are:

* Increase awareness among our target by 25%
* Increase annual donations from our target by 15%
* Reinvigorate the Foodnet brand

A synergistic approach was planned, integrating a variety of advertising media, public relations, event planning, and non-traditional media. The Foodnet logo and branded materials were refreshed. A generous grant from the TRIAD Foundation provided Foodnet with a budget for the project.

Creative Executions:

Television: A short film and 3-30 second commercials bring the viewer into the home of a Meals on Wheels consumer, demonstrating the impact of the service and why it is important. The commercials air on Time Warner Cable Channel 10 and the 4-minute movie is available as a “Video On Demand” on cable channel 560 In Your Neighborhood. Over 100 viewers chose to tune into the VOD during the first month. You can view the videos online at

Radio: A 30-second spot edited from the TV audio track airs on four local radio stations representing diverse audiences.

TCAT Bus: Bus cards for inside the bus and a large sign for the outside of the bus were created and will debut on two brand new hybrid buses joining the TCAT fleet on February 10, 2007. We hope to leverage some additional visibility from the public interest in the new, energy efficient buses.

Bus Card sample

Billboards: Within the scope of this project, we wanted to include Billboards to gauge their effectiveness. However, no funding from the Triad Foundation grant was used for billboards in order to avoid any conflict of interest (The Billboards are owned by Park Outdoor Advertising, and Roy H. Park Jr. is President of the Triad Foundation). Separate funding for the billboards was provided by a generous donation from a Foodnet Board member.

Results: A post-campaign survey will be compared to the pre-campaign survey and other information to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. The Board and management are impressed with the experience and professionalism of the AAF volunteers!

Thanks to AAF and the TRIAD Foundation, the visibility of the Foodnet Meals on Wheels program is being greatly elevated. It helps people who might need our services know where to turn, and it is helping cultivate new friends and donors, whose support is essential!


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you can't see the bus card picture

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