Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Urban Shogun hits MTV

Hello Everyone,

You're receiving this email because you're either a friend, family, former or current employer, professor, or any combination thereof. I'm writing you in regard to URBAN SHOGUN, the film that Artie Joann, Eric Anderson, and I made for our senior thesis at Ithaca College back in 2005. URBAN SHOGUN has been featured on this week. It has taken nearly two years to get the movie seen and recognized.

Best Film on Campus is a brand new site that MTV has stared for student filmmakers to showcase their work. Although we are no longer students, MTV asked us to submit the film anyway to help kick off the site with something special. It's been a long road with MTV, we've been in discussion about the project for several months and finally everything has come together. URBAN SHOGUN will be featured until Friday when someone else, probably an actively enrolled student, will had the opportunity to show his or her film. Please feel free to enjoy it, rate it, comment on it, and show it to all your friends. URBAN SHOGUN will continue to live on Best Film on Campus after Friday, you'll just need to navigate to it via the menus. You can also see it on YouTube, where MTV first picked it up, and on that little devil
known as myspace.

We're currently working out thoughts and details for a second series of animations of similar styles. I'll be certain to keep everyone posted when that time comes. Thanks for checking it out!

I hope everybody is well!


Timothy J. Lee


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