Thursday, September 20, 2007

A job offer....from an alum

A job in new media, just in from an alum:

New Media Producer – University Web Services, NJIT

At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Office of University Web Services is responsible for creating a public website that engages various audiences (e.g., potential and current students, faculty, alumni, the general public, etc.). One of the key components of the website is frequent, creative, on-message new media content for the university’s website in formats such as audio, video, Flash animation, and so forth. NJIT requires a creative self-starter to produce this content from idea conception through scripting and from recording through editing and posting.

* Envision and create a consistent stream of web-ready content in a variety of new media formats such as, but not limited to, podcasts, enhanced podcasts, Flash Video, web-appropriate still photography, streaming video, etc.
* Provide strategic and operational leadership and direction for NJIT’s use of such services as our iTunes U site, our Flickr account, and our YouTube account. Provide expertise on how the use of these sites and our content within them can support NJIT’s mission.

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