Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dean's Hosts: PARK hoodies, great lunches...and a chance to give back

Hey everybody,

If you're having as much fun as it looks like you're having -- everybody seems so excited and happy, don't you love this time of year? -- I'm wondering whether you might be willing to share that enthusiasm and energy with the next generation of Parkies (do you remember the kids who shared theirs with you?).

We're getting ready to recruit this year's Dean's Hosts, students who work with us to present Park (in all its glory) to prospective students and their families.

Our hosts give tours. They host visiting students. They participate in Admissions activities and help us decide how we're going to present Park in our publications, our videos, our public events.

In exchange, we give them a very cool hoodie that only DHs can have. We feed them reasonably good food at least once a month. And we tell them how amazing they are -- and we mean it.

If you might be interested in joining the Dean's Hosts, please join us at one of our informational sessions this fall:

Friday, August 31, 4:00pm in Park 220
Thursday, Sept. 6, 12:10pm in Park 220.

It's fun. It's valuable. And it really makes a difference.

Thanks for considering it.


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