Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If I were you.....I'd predict the future (and I'd do it NOW)

I have to tell you about a new course we're offering this spring (yes, spring of 2008) in the Park School.

We just finalized the details and yes, to take this course you would have to drop something else.

But it would be worth it. In a heartbeat. (And it's going to fill up, so I'd do it NOW.)

Here's the thing:

You know you need to be thinking about how to be a storyteller. Whether you're an IMC, CMD, CPMA, TVR (wow, talk about alphabet soup) or journalism, you need to know how to tell a great story.

A true great story.

And to do it across media platforms.

This is a course designed to teach you to do that.

And although we're probably only going to offer this particular course once, it's going to be a model (I hope) for other courses in the Park School.

It's called NONFICTION LABORATORY: Predicting the Future.

It's about long-form narrative and storytelling across media.

It's about documentary and nonfiction.

It's about how to tell stories across different kinds of media delivery systems -- print, photography, audio, slide shows and the Web.

And it's going to be team-taught by faculty in TVR and Journalism (Ben Crane and Lisa Drew).

And the coolest thing (ever) is that the focus of the class is going to be "Predicting the Future" -- whatever that means in terms of the stories you have to tell.

Here are the details:

How many credits? It's a four-credit LA class.

Who can take it? It's a 200-level course cross-listed in TVR and Journalism, but ANY sophomore, junior or senior in the school can take the course. (Sorry, no freshmen...)

Does it "count" as anything? It "counts" as a sub for the research course requirement in TVR, meaning that it's a sub for Doc, Quant or Qualitative Research. It doesn't "count" for any other degree program...but that doesn't mean it won't "count" as one of the best courses you'll ever take. And that "counts" for something - doesn't it?

When does it meet? OK, so it's at a time when you probably have another class. The question is: Can you take THAT class some other time? Because this one will only be offered once. It will meet from 1 to 1:50 p.m. MWF, and from 4 to 4:50 Wednesdays.

Why am I promoting this course over other courses?
Good question. All of your Park classes are important and valuable. But this is a one-time opportunity, and it's a course that reflects the direction I think we need to go in terms of our efforts to cross department boundaries, bring unique faculty expertise into collaborative teaching environments, and help you all develop an understanding of storytelling across media delivery systems.

It's on Homer. You can enroll now.

And if I were you, that's exactly what I would do.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this class is so valuable and important, why is it being offered only once? Also, as a journalism major, I do not understand why we are encouraged to take this class, yet nothing is done to allow us to sub the course. The majority of us who are in our final year or two years have already planned out all our courses and have very little wiggle room.

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