Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This is so cool....I'm going. You should, too.

Brought to us by Buzzsaw Haircut and iMPrint magazine, a series of multimedia events that reflects

Our Generation's Answer to Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll:

War, TV, and Hip-Hop is a mixed media party taking a second look at three pillars of contemporary American life.

First, "The War Tapes" brings us a perspective on the war in Iraq that is free from embedded anchors, commercial sponsors, and motion graphics. A long-form documentary shot by three soldiers working in collaboration with award-winning documentarians.

Second, a screening aimed spreading awareness about two new media initiatives that want to expand their pool of active producers, not boost ratings by recruiting passive viewers. On the national level, Current TV integrates viewer created content into roughly one-third of its cable broadcasts and is looking for more. At the local level, Buzzsaw Haircut is launching a new digital video component called Buzzsaw TV. Buzzsaw TV will function both as a production unit and as an outlet for locally produced video work to be featured in a video blog, screening events, and an annual DVD release.

Finally, Kidz in the Hall bring us their acclaimed brand of politically conscious hip-hop with an aim to make us rethink the formula for catchy rap music we've grown used to. Co-signed by Just Blaze, 3H (50 cent, Kanye West), and Matty C (Originator of Unsigned Hype) the Kidz debut album, "School Was My Hustle" was rated 3.5 by Scratch Magazine.

War, TV, and Hip-Hop: a night of screenings, live music, free food, and give-a-ways hosted by Buzzsaw Haircut at the Lost Dog Café on Thursday, December 13th, 2007. Doors open at 5:30 PM. 18 to enter, 21 to drink. No cover until 10pm.


5:30 PM: The War Tapes (Documentary)

In March 2004, just as the insurgent movement strengthened, several members of one National Guard unit arrived in Iraq, with cameras. THE WAR TAPES is the result – a uniquely collaborative film from a team that includes Director Deborah Scranton, Producer Robert May (THE FOG OF WAR) and Producer/Editor Steve James (HOOP DREAMS).

Sponsored by Campus Progress

7:00 PM Megg Farrell (Folk Rock / Hawaiian / Blues)

7:30 PM The Tundra Toes (Indie / Country / Tropical)

8:00 PM Current TV Screening

Current TV is a non-fiction cable network that features viewer created content in roughly one-third of its broadcasts. They've recently launched College_Current, an interactive and collaborative initiative aimed at participating in the national student production community by giving student media producers the opportunity to have a voice on a national independent cable network and online studio. Screening will include samples of the work, catering from the Lost Dog, Current TV merchandise give-a-ways, and information about submitting content to the network.

9:00 PM Buzzsaw TV Launch Party

Buzzsaw TV is Buzzsaw Haircut's new digital video component. Buzzsaw TV will function both as a production unit and as an outlet for video work produced within the Ithaca College community. Work produced by or selected for Buzzsaw TV will be featured on a video blog, at screening events, and in annual DVD releases. At Thursday's event we will discuss the future of the project in greater detail and screen some of the work set to be released on the website.

10:00 PM Kidz in the Hall (Hip Hop)

"Gang Starr level respect is definitely hard to earn. Yet, with their guest-free debut, producer Double-O and spitter Naledge are on the right path. The Jersey/Chicago connection's strength is chemistry, matching O's mid-tempo, horn-heavy production with Naledge's acutely observational versis. Sonic repetition does loom, but ultimately their overall cohesion is undeniable. Rookies with producer Rolodexes, take note."

-Scratch Magazine, Jan/Feb (2007)

Sponsored by Buzzsaw Haircut and Imprint Magazine. Free give-a-ways from Homegrown Skateshop.



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