Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Muir: Parkie and Men's Vogue "Marathon Man"

Parkie David Muir is one of the rising stars of network news -- and he always manages to mention the fact that he's an Ithaca College grad: ... take a look at the profile in Men's Vogue:

"Now, though, Muir's been sent to the other side of the state — along with his laptop, a fearless producer, and a rental car equipped with GPS — in search of Hillary Clinton. In a shrinking news industry, on-air talent are increasingly called on to do everything — shoot footage, write a blog, anchor a webcast — and Muir has embraced multitasking with the enthusiasm of NBC's Brian Williams, to whom he is often compared, and the élan of the late Peter Jennings, whose encouraging words he still carries with him. Like both men, Muir got his start young, as a teen gofer for a local station in Syracuse. While still attending Ithaca College, he both anchored and produced a weekend newscast there, timing segments at the anchor desk with a yellow stopwatch even as he was delivering them — and then driving 60 miles to meet his buddies for Saturday night's last call."


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