Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In between the exams and the packing and the!

OK, I know this is the craziest week of the semester, and I've already started to see some of you dragging big suitcases full of swimming suits and suntan lotion into your cars....but before you head off to wherever it is you're going for break, please take two minutes to help out a fellow Parkie....and you know what I'm going to say: We'd do it for you!

I just got an email from three cinema students who have entered their work in two different festivals that are in part determined by viewer votes (that's you).

Brock Cerny, John Tegan and Sean Elligers have entered a music video in the Babelgum International Online Film Festival. The prize is roughly $30,000 and a trip oversees to meet Spike Lee.

OK, so it does require that you download the new Babelgum viewing software, but the link is right on the page and it doesn't take long.
That link is HERE.

The second contest is called 'Sketchies II' on YouTube. They need views, votes, comments... That prize is $25,000. Just think what a difference that would make in the lives of three film students -- Parkies! The link for that is HERE.

Please - take the time. You know they'd do it for you. (They promise!)


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