Monday, February 25, 2008

"....descriptions of films that you may never see but wish you could...."

This just in from the Los Angeles Times, a review of the new book by (editors) Karen Ishizuka and the Park School's own Dr. Patty Zimmermann (congrats, Patty!):

LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE, March 2008, Review by Robert Ito

Ishizuka and Zimmermann/MINING THE HOME MOVIE
"Screen Savers: A New Anthology Ponders the home movie

In 1998, Karen Ishizuka, an L.A.-based writer, curator, and
documentary producer, organized an international symposium at the
Getty Center examining, of all things, home movies. While fellow
scholars heard of her plan and thought only of birthday parties and
Yosemite trips, Ishizuka saw the films as a way of recovering lost
histories. The anthology 'Mining the Home Movie: Excavations in
Histories and Memories' (UC Press, 333 pages, $25), edited by
Ishizuka and film professor Patricia Zimmerman(n), grew out of that
symposium. In a film discussed in the book, a Belgian couple
conceals two Jewish children from the Nazis. In another, Japanese
American Boy Scouts wave U.S. flags in a Wyoming internment camp. As
Ishizuka notes, the movies are often the sole records of peoples and
stories that would otherwise go undocumented; the groundbreaking
essays intrigue with descriptions of films that you may never see
but wish you could."


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