Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now THIS is what we're talking about: Leveraging the assets of the Parkie community for the good of....the Parkies in our community!

Eddie Lemonier, a CMD major, has come up with one of the best Park School ideas maybe ever...well, at least since another Parkie proposed putting PPECS/TechOps portable equipment processes online (why do you think things around here keep getting better? It's because YOU have great ideas and you take the time to share them so we can make them happen....)

What he's suggesting is a chance for the Park School to act like the media conglomerate it truly is, to leverage the talents and interests of its students for the benefit of....its students!

Here's Eddie's idea:

So here we are…
Saturday morning, mid October. Darting birds are chirping as they swirl
through the crisp autumn air. A group of Ithaca College cinematography
students are shooting a scene for their final project on the IC football
field. The lights are ready, sound is set, and with actors in position
the director grabs her bullhorn.


With this call everything is set in motion. The take is pure dynamite,
great stuff. As cameras, lights and mics are adjusted to capture a new
angle, the director notices a few individuals filing into the stadium.
They’ll be out of the next shot, no need to worry. 30 minutes elapse and
a growing murmur is audible from the bleachers.


Turning her head to the bleachers, the director sees hundreds of Ithaca
College fans in the stands. Out of nowhere a football comes zooming
through the set and smacks the star actress square in the face, breaking
her nose. The IC football team rushes the field, stampeding through the
set, knocking down light stands and trampling sound guys along with the

What chaos. This is merely one example of what can go wrong when a
qualified producer is not involved in the process of making a movie.
Fortunately, a department within the Park School is packed with students
capable of preventing such incidents. You may ask yourself, “what
department is this?” This is the department of Communications Management,
and Design (CMD).

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, CMD students are the most qualified individuals
on campus when it comes to scheduling, communicating, organizing, and
managing events.

Recently a program has been made available to help link students of CMD
with the Department of Cinema, Photography, and Media Arts (C&P).

If you are a C&P or CMD student interested in creating ideal working
conditions for film casts and crews both at Ithaca College and beyond,
then you should come to the Park Auditorium Wednesday night at 8:00 pm for
an informal introduction regarding the collaboration of CMD/C&P.

Following the introduction, the free screening of Didactic Debauchery will
be taking place. Didactic Debauchery is an independent film that is a
shining example of the finished product of C&P and CMD students working
together to produce a great film. The film runs approximately 96 minutes
and the event is free of charge.

Visit the Grandveiw Productions website to catch a glimpse of the Didactic
Dibauchery trailer. Also, check out the Grandview Productions myspace
page, where you can see other completed projects.


Hope to see ya'll there,

Eddie Lemonier (elemoni1@ithaca.edu)
Roy H. Park School of Comm.
CMD, Corporate Communication


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