Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Parkies: You guys are leaders, through and through...

This just in from Team Reconstruction Team:

Three Parkies -- Cornell Woodson, Sharlene Nichols, and Luke Elmers -- are a part of a campaign to transform the way Ithaca College and the Student Government Association works. They are members of the Reconstruction Team, a group of leaders from across campus who are passionately dedicated to meeting the needs of Ithaca College students. The Reconstruction Team believes that the SGA should be about people, not politics, and hopes to be a catalyst for change in the organization in 2008-2009.

In typical Parkie fashion, they have put together a website and plenty of promotional materials, which you can check out at www.ithaca.edu/reconstructionteam . So how can you support your fellow Parkies in their efforts to serve the student body? Vote Reconstruction Team for the 2008-2009 SGA Executive Board!

The Team:

Cornell Woodson, Student Body President
Sharlene Nichols, VP of Academics
Miriam Feldman, VP of Business & Finance
Dan Wald, VP of Campus Affairs
Luke Elmers, VP of Communications


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