Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Politics, Park-Style....or Who's running, and why?

This blog belongs to the Park School. I am the scribe who collects the content and -- as often and as accurately as I can -- posts it up here for everybody to read. But it's not's All Things Park.

So when a student who has a big idea (sustainability in Spain!) or a big dream (class president!) asks me to share some information with the community...well, that's what I do. (Again, as often as I can...and here's a formal apology to anybody who's ever emailed me with a blog request and I haven't followed through...sometimes, I just plain cannot find the time.)

So, in the spirit of All Things Park (and the fact that no other Parkie is involved in this competition, so there's no favoritism going on here -- except, of course, for Parkies), this just in from A.J. Mizes and his Team Renew, which is running for Senior Class President:

The campaign has officially started, and let me tell you: Team ReNew is absolutely excited to be here. We've spent an incredible amount of time planning and designing exactly what we wanted our party to stand for...and how we wanted to communicate this to the Class of '09.

We chose the name "Team: ReNew" for several different reasons. First, we wanted to stray away from the word "party" because we believe that the word "team" clearly communicates how we a team. Not only have we committed ourselves as an Executive Board to work as a team, but we also believe that it is EXTREMELY important for the E-board and the rest of the class to function that way as well. We care DEEPLY about individual opinions and have worked hard to incorporate this value into our platform, and then exactly how we were going to carry-through this value into office. But I digress...

Team ReNew is about renewing what it means to be a senior. In other words, we're renewing what we call "The Senior Experience." We plan on being innovative with our event planning, volunteer opportunities, and other programming to bring you and UNFORGETTABLE Senior Experience. Below, you will find an extended breakdown of
what we couldn't type in 100 words. It's an SGA thing I guess.

Yeah, a nice way of saying "parties." Team ReNew believes that the hard working Class of 09 deserves to play as hard as they work! We will offer both alcohol optional and alcohol free events to cater to everyone. Either way you decide to party, know that we will make these events innovative, fun, and memorable.

Job hunting. I think it's just a little scary that we will be searching for jobs in 8 months. Really scary. But no fear! Team ReNew is all about helping you out in the process. We're all in the same boat, so why not? Right? We plan on sending out a weekly "ReNewsletter" which will include job and internship opportunities that we have been notified about. Additionally, we plan on conducting networking nights, resume and cover letter writing sessions, and mock interviews SPECIFICALLY for graduating seniors.
This is for real.

Giving Back:
Our class has been exceptionally good at giving back to IC and our surrounding community. Team ReNew plans on highlighting this great point and offering opportunities for you to continue to do so as a senior. We plan on teaming up with some of IC's volunteer student organizations to make sure these are one-of-a-kind. What's better than hanging out with your closest friends and giving back? It'll
happen next year...

Your Opinion:
Team ReNew recognizes that we all want our voices heard. Especially when it comes to our last year at Ithaca. We have implemented a polling page on our website (to be released shortly) which will enable us to pick and choose how we spend our last year together.
Your voice counts, and we know that you will let us hear it!


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