Thursday, September 25, 2008

Think you can make the best scary movie?

Blood and Gorges Film Festival

Think you can make the best scary movie?

Then submit your film to the Third Annual Blood and Gorges Film Festival! This is a month long production-based competition, in which participants compete in making the scariest short film. Each submission will be screened October 27th in the Park Aud at the finish.

The contest is as much an open forum in the creation of short films as it is a celebration of Halloween. The movies can be straight up horror, experimental, comedy, documentary or any other genre!

Groups must write, shoot and edit their submissions to be handed in on or before October 24th on either mini-DV tape or as Quicktime file.

Each short film will be judged by the entire audience in terms of its effectiveness in the horror genre. The winners get a fun Halloween prize plus bragging rights.

To sign-up your group or for more information contact:
Tommy Strauss
Colleen Goodhue

Also, make sure to join the Facebook group for updates!!


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