Wednesday, October 01, 2008

VOTE! (Everything you need to know, right here at home....)

I posted some information to encourage you all to vote in the upcoming election. And I didn't even point you to the VERY BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET to get all the information you need to cast what may be the most important presidential vote of your life to date. (OK, so for nearly all of you, it is the ONLY presidential vote of your life to date....)

And it's right here, right now, in the Park School.

Our very own WICB has posted an extraordinary election page that will tell you everything you want to know about casting your vote.

Here's their intro (cool, huh?): There comes a time in the life of a nation, a city, and a state, that it must turn a new page in its history and elect new officials.
This November 4th is one of those times, and WICB wants to take you there.

So keep stopping by for candidate profiles, commentary from our newscasters, and other special goodies that will make ICB your local home for the 2008 elections.

And here's the URL:

(And here's a big THANK YOU to WICB for all of its effort on this one... That's why Park is such a great community: you anticipate what your fellow Parkies are going to need, and you make it happen....)


Blogger chelsea said...

Also...don't forget to vote for WICB for the mtvU Woodie Award for Best College Radio Station!

Just go to!

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