Monday, October 06, 2008

Park makes the LA Times, FRONT PAGE!

Check out today's LA Times: It features a story about college program's in LA, and OF COURSE Park is featured front and center:

"Generally, more than half of the students in the L.A. programs end up staying in the area if it's their final semester before graduation, or return later, administrators report. They join what the colleges tout as large networks of alumni already in the entertainment field in Los Angeles.

"It really does immerse you immediately into what's going on here and gives you a real sense of how to break into the industry," said Jeff Bibeau, an Ithaca College senior enrolled in that school's L.A. semester. "It would be silly of me to study four years of communications in upstate New York, cut off from the rest of the world."

A television and radio studies major from Massachusetts, Bibeau is juggling internships with the "Brothers and Sisters" television series and at a movie production house. He does clerical work, fetches coffee, reads scripts and offers opinions in story meetings.

Bibeau enjoyed a sophomore semester in London but said his Los Angeles jobs and classes on film criticism and media law seem "much more relevant." He intends to finish at Ithaca in the spring and may job hunt in Los Angeles."

Way to go, ICLA!


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