Friday, October 03, 2008

OK, what better way to spend the weekend than helping a fellow Parkie?

So it's the weekend (almost), and you probably have lots of plans for tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night....but really: isn't Sunday the day when you relax, sleep in, just hang out?

And doesn't that mean that you would have time THIS SUNDAY to help out a fellow Parkie, and to make your film debut as an extra?

Really? Doesn't it? Especially if you can STILL sleep in AND be helpful, all on the same day?

A group of senior Cinema students really really really needs you to show up at noon at Sunday at St. Paul's Church, 402 N. Aurora Street, to fill up the pews and act like a church congregation for their thesis film, "Bad Faith."

They need 200 of you-- at least -- to do that.

Here are the details:

"Bad Faith", a senior thesis feature film project, is looking for 200+ extras to act as a church congregation on Sunday, October 5th from 12pm - 5:30pm at St. Paul's Church (402 N. Aurora St, Ithaca). We ask that extras dress in muted colors and bring accessories as we will be shooting scenes that signify different days in the script.

We will be supplying food and beverages for all extras that attend the shoot. We will also be raffling off prizes throughout the shoot for the extras including a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy, 2 tickets for a Cayuga Lake Brunch Cruise, tickets to Cornell Cinema, and more!

We also ask that anyone interested, contact Danielle Harrison at

Come on, guys. Contact Danielle. Hang out in church on Sunday afternoon. Win a door prize. And take a photo so we can post it to the blog next week -- proof positive that Parkies help Parkies.


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