Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MTV Party in Park: Come and watch WICB be named best college radio station!

Hey guys,

So here I am, in Wisconsin, at an accreditation visit -- which doesn't mean much to you all, but basically is about evaluating other journalism and mass comm schools around the country.

And I won't be home until midnight tomorrow, unless of course it drizzles or gets even the slightest bit windy at the Philadelphia airport -- which would mean I wouldn't be home until Thursday, at the earliest.

And the only thing worse than traveling all day and sitting in airports and knowing that Philly closes down at the first drip-drop of rain is that it means I'm going to miss the big WICB party tomorrow night, celebrating its award as the BEST COLLEGE RADIO STATION IN THE COUNTRY.

Here's YOUR invitation:


As most of you know 92 WICB won the mtvU Woodie award for Best College Radio Station! We're going to have a viewing party of the award show on Wednesday at 8PM in Textor 103. We hope to see you there!

Josh Giordano
Station Manager

So you have to go, and you have to cheer, and you have to take lots of video so we can put it on the blog and show the world that we are not only the best radio station, but the best school full of amazingly great students who support and celebrate one another.....every day.

Tomorrow, it's in Textor 103. Have fun!


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