Saturday, November 08, 2008

Parkies rock...totally, dude

This just in from a new freshman Parkie, Luiggi Ramos, who has his own t-shirt design company and decided to create a little fashion statement (OK, a BIG fashion statement!) about being one of, rock stars.
(Want one?)

PS: Some of you have been emailing and asking where you can get one of these t-shirts (way cool). You can just email Luiggi Ramos (you can find his email address in the IC directory online, I don't really think I should post it here), and I am sure he would be HAPPY to sell you one (such a deal!).

And then you have to come up to the dean's office so I can take your picture for the blog!


OpenID stopdangerpi said...

how do we get these?

-colleen and sarah

9:52 PM  
OpenID fulmetlphoenix15 said...

contact Luiggi Ramos on facebook
or CALL him at 845-857-9672

4:22 PM  

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