Monday, November 10, 2008

YIPPEEEEEE! CONGRATULATIONS to WICB: The BEST college radio station in the universe (OK, the thing at a time)

They did it: WICB won the 2008 mtvU Woodie Award for best college radio station in the nation!

And you did it: You voted. You did what Parkies do: You took the time and made the effort to tell the rest of the world what we already know: Student media at Ithaca College is the best there is, any time, anywhere.

I'm in Portland, Oregon (yes, another professional meeting...sigh), got here at midnight last night after spending 12 hours in airports (you can get there from Ithaca, wherever 'there' is - but sometimes it takes awhile). I knew MTV was on campus to shoot video (of us winning? we weren't sure), and I knew they were going to call and make the announcement at 4 p.m....and the worst thing for me was that I was in the air somewhere over the great Midwest when it happened, instead of standing outside the studio listening to the cheers!

WICB beat out 19 other college radio stations from across the country, including stations at Sacramento State University, Auburn University, and DePauw University.

The mtvU Woodie Awards show will air November 19 at 8 p.m. (we'll remind you).

Congratulations to Chris Wheatley, and to every single one of you who contributes so much, every single day, to make WICB the standard of excellence that it is. We are so proud!


Blogger Marc P. said...

Congrats! My overnight host Evan told me about how amazing it was for WICB to receive an award from MTV.

12:33 AM  

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