Monday, February 09, 2009

It doesn't happen very often that..... meet somebody who makes a real difference in your life.

Someone who inspires you, who reminds you of all of the great qualities you aspire to being and becoming as a person:





One of those people in my life is Peggy Williams, the former president of Ithaca College and a woman who has been my mentor, my role model, and my friend.

This weekend, Peggy was honored by the American Council on Education's Office of Women in Higher Education with the Donna Shavlik Award, a national award given to someone who has been a prominent leader in women's leadership and career development.

I couldn't make it, I'm so sorry to say: too many other obligations closer to home. But a contingent of students, faculty and administrators made the trip to Washington, D.C. to be with Peggy and to celebrate her accomplishments and her contributions.

Here are a few photos of that special evening: wish we were there!

Peggy and Provost Kathleen Rountree

Peggy and Daisy Tomaselli

Peggy: Even thought we couldn't all be there to see you recognized, it's nice to know the rest of the world appreciates you as much as we do!


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