Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mumbai this summer? Bollywood? How cool is that?

Mumbai Street Scene

This just in from Anthropology Professor Denise Nuttall, who is taking a group of students to Mumbai, India, this summer - and would love it if a couple (or more than a couple!) of Parkies joined the group (what an experience! Wish I were going!).

The course will include a section on Bollywood, a visit to a film production site, and a visit with director Somanth Sen, who directed Leela and who now teaches at both the Premiere Film Institue in Pune (FTII) and with Subhash Ghai in Mumbai. Students would have the opportunity to spend time in Mumbai making connections with film-industry professionals.

The course will be divided into three distinct phases: cultural studies; service work, working with able disabled children; and a silent meditative retreat in the
countryside (as well as visiting some pre-schools in Dharavi, made famous by Slumdog millionaire).

For more information, contact Dr. Nuttall directly:


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