Tuesday, March 03, 2009

WICB/VIC and ICTV: The best college sports coverage....anywhere!

EDITORIAL NOTE: In the "even blog editors/deans make mistakes" category: Mike WARWICK wrote these kind and thoughtful comments about our student media; I'm absolutely certain that Mike Welch shares the sentiments, but I got my Mikes confused....my sincere apologies to both of them!).

We have so many students (and advisers and staff) who work so hard -- every season, for every game -- to provide us all with the best college sports coverage in the country.

And every once in awhile, somebody takes note and reminds us all of the extraordinary talent and commitment of our student media.

This weekend, it was Mike Warwick (SEE EDITORIAL NOTE, ABOVE) who took a few minutes to acknowledge and praise the work they do:

If I ever think that after so many years of raising the bar in terms of the sports coverage that ICTV and WICB/VIC provide, there'd be no more plateaus for them to reach, weekends like this past one will always change my mind.

With Ithaca hosting both the conference men's basketball and conference women's basketball tournaments this weekend, both our TV and radio stations stepped up their efforts in a big way. It turned out that three of the six games we hosted over that 45-hour span didn't even feature an Ithaca team, but the level of professionalism and dedication that Allison Gainza's ICTV staff and the radio staffs of Michael Polak and Lee Small didn't diminish a bit no matter what teams were playing. Both TV and radio had made the decision to cover every game, regardless of whether or not Ithaca was playing, long before we even knew we'd be hosting both events. Now that they're over, I appreciate -- as always -- what a tremendous job they did. There were representatives from five other schools participating in the tournament and I know how impressed they were with the work of our campus media.

The work of Allison, Michael and Lee and their hard-working staffs -- and the great support they get from Peter Johanns, David Priester and Chris Wheatley -- made the entire college look good this weekend. It's greatly appreciated.


-- Mike


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