Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Natl. Comm Association conference FREE registration available

The 2009 National Communication Association convention (Nov. 12-15, Chicago) is a premiere event for scholars, professors, and students in our profession.... and you can get a free registration!
By volunteering for one shift, students will have the opportunity to attend the NCA convention and receive a complimentary registration. The convention is an excellent chance for students to network with professionals in our field, learn more about the discipline, and attend convention sessions. Volunteers are important to the success of the convention.
Volunteer opportunities include working in the convention registration area, the graduate school open house or the job fair, the short courses, and the cyber café. Volunteers are also needed to work as ushers and to assist NCA staff with press and promotion activities. More detailed description of volunteer opportunities are online at

If you are selected as a volunteer, I'll help cover your travel expenses. Go for it!


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