Monday, October 12, 2009

The alumni connection

When I talk with prospective students and families, I tell them that the Park School offers them the "Three C's" that will prepare them for a great future: concepts, confidence, and connections.

An incredibly important part of the connections is our very loyal group of alumni -- now over 5,000 strong. Last week, our Park School National Alumni Board was with us on Thursday and Friday, visiting classes, talking with students and professors, and providing their perspectives on trends in the communications industry. Board members in attendance were:
  • Dominic Cottone - M.S. 2000 - HR/ Training specialist at Razorfish in Chicago, a leading new media advertising firm
  • Andy Orgel - TV-Radio 1974 - Chairman & CEO of Global Media Group
  • Kelli Grant - Journalism 2004 - Consumer Reporter for
  • Carole Irgang - TV-Radio 1986 - Owner of her own marketing firm
  • Bill Carraro - Cinema and Photography 1981 - Independent film producer, currently producing "The Adjustment Bureau" starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.
  • Michael Kaplan - Comm. Management 2985 - Sr. Vice President, G2 Direct and Digital advertising agency
  • David Lebow - Comm Management 1983 - President and CEO of Internet Broadcasting Systems
  • Cole Louison - Journalism 2000 - Writer for GQ / Conde Nast
  • Rodd Perry - Comm Management 1990 - Co-president, The Ant Farm (producers of movie trailers)
  • David Spiegelman - TV-Radio 1981 - President, Domestic TV Distribution, Weinstein Company

This past weekend was also alumni and homecoming weekend - and a highlight was the screening of our Golden Doorknob film contest winners. This is revival of a tradition from the 1970s when now-retired film professor Skip Landen required all of his Intro to Film students to produce a film that had the plot of a person meeting his or her demise by a doorknob. The best film received a "Golden Doorknob" award at the end of the year -- and many famous producers proudly display them next to their Emmys! This tradition was revived a few years ago in the form of a content for students, sponsored by alum Bill Carraro.

Our alumni are not only successful, but they are passionate about wanting to help the next generation of IC Communications students succeed. We have their emails, phone numbers, and a promise that they'll happily talk with students and help with internship placements, job hunting advice, and general mentoring.

So-- the next move is YOURS.


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