Monday, November 30, 2009

Sign up for spring mini-courses

Looking for some specific new skills? A couple of extra credits to get ahead?

We have a slate of fantastic mini-courses for the spring -- and you can sign up now. Most of them are 1 credit and are offered on a couple of evenings and weekends.

Our mini-courses include:

In the area of film and video production:
  • Lighting Workshop
  • Sound Design Fundamentals
  • The Making of an Independent Film
Of specific interest to those of you who may want to explore our new documentary studies major, or looking for new applications of media:
  • Exploring the Documentary - offered in Block I and again in Block II: An introduction to the documentary with an emphasis on history and appreciation, useful to consumers and producers who would like to learn more about the form. Topics include documentary
    “truth,” genres, production styles, and the evolution of documentary from cinema to video and the internet.
Are you a journalist or photographer? Check out:
  • War Photojournalism: Image and the Formation of Public Opinion
For those of you specifically interested in using media for environmental awareness, sustainability, and social change, we're offering three related but separate mini-courses:
  • Entrepreneurial Applications of Media to Social Marketing
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Media for Social Change - this mini-course will be taught by TV-R alum Andy Orgel, who is one of the founders of MTV and the A&E Network. He's currently CEO of One Degree Media and Entertainment. This mini-course will kick off with a presentation and challenge by some noted experts on the environment. Then students will form groups based on their majors and interests and will work with alums who are executives in TV, Radio, advertising, educational and non-profit media, and journalism. The groups will create a media concept to address a major social / environmental issue and 'pitch' it to these executives.
To register, just go to Homer. Need more info? Check with Tracy Frenyea in the Dean's office.


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