Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ICTV wins big in Austin!

ICTV was honored as a national winner 
for Best Newscast and Best Sportscast at the annual National Student
Production Competition at the Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. conference
held on October 30th in Austin TX.

In addition, ICTV was named a national finalist for Best Special
Broadcast for ICTV's 50th Anniversary Celebration; Best Website for
CITV.org; Best Promo for ICTV.org; Best Live Sports Production (2
nominations, 1 for football, 1 for basketball); and Best
Entertainment Show for Entertainment 16.

ICTV's 8 nominations led the entrants. The next closest school
received 4 nominations. That makes ICTV the best student run television station in
the country.

Makes me proud!


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