Monday, April 04, 2005

VOTE (updated and corrected....)

You're old enough to vote. You're smart enough to vote. And you've got lots of reasons to vote in this year's Student Government Association elections -- not the least of which is that you're a member of the IC community.

Come on: do your civic duty, and find out which SGA candidates stand for what you believe in. Check out the candidate profiles at under the "Elections" topic.

PS You may notice that this looks a little different than it did this morning. That's because some of the candidates who happen to be Parkies emailed me last night and asked me to blog about their candidacy. Which I did. But which turned out to be a problem of sorts since there are election rules about advertising (this blog apparently counts) and I didn't realize that there are several Parkies running for office. And obviously you can't vote for all of them.

So: good intentions. Bad execution. And mea culpa.

Bottom line: Figure out who represents your ideas and vision of IC, and VOTE! (Please...)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

to be fair, all the other executive board parties have Park students on them too, so I encourage everyone to check out all the parties on the SGA website, as well as the representatives running for Park.

1:35 PM  

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