Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An Amazing Opportunity: Spend the summer in Korea

Thanks to the amazing efforts and dedication of C&P professor Changee Chun, Ithaca College now has an exchange program in South Korea. The summer curriculum includes a multidisciplinary course in documentary production that will be as valuable to history and science students as it will be to film and television students.

Nice way to spend a summer, eh? Applications are due in February, so you have lots of time to figure out the logistics. (Better start now.)

Here's Chang's summary:

Ithaca College Korean Exchange Program; Summer Study 2006

The Ithaca College Korean Exchange Program is proudly hosted by Hanyang
University in Seoul, South Korea, with an Ithaca College Cross-Cultural
Documentary Research & Production course offering. This program will be

Cross-Cultural Documentary Research & Production in South Korea
Prerequisites: 222-11100 or permission of instructor. Sophomore standing;
recommendation by an instructor in student’s major. 4 credits. (Summer)

A unique aspect of this program is its dual framework. This allows
students of all disciplines to participate in this program: a new variety
away from summer study programs that are open only to specific students in
their respective disciplines. Researchers for this class will be drawn
from all disciplines: natural sciences, social sciences, humanities,
music, theatre, pre-professional students and communications students.
Students who are only interested in research will be assigned
appropriately in their class group. After developing research, students
will have the chance to meet and collaborate with officials and professors
in their field in Korea. This is to be an open, positive learning
experience for every student to grow in his or her field of study. By
offering this class to all students, production students will also benefit
in a way they might have had in the past by experiencing the value of
collaborative effort. Park students will be given access to all
production equipment and facilities at Hanyang University. Ithaca College
students will learn to work with AVID equipment that is not typically
available to them while in regular term. In addition, this course is
geared toward providing a production opportunity to talented students who
do not study TV-R or Cinema and Photography as their major field of study.
Therefore, many TV-R major students at the Park School that are
interested in creative film/video production within their TV-R interest
will be able to participate in this course even though they have not
completed the prerequisites normally required for an Advanced Cinema
Production course. This class can serve as a means to allow students to
explore their interests as producers, directors, assistant directors, and
cinematographers, and so on, to cater to the needs of the production that
they will create. This course will be open to Hanyang University students
as well, to provide a truly cross-cultural experience for all students.

In addition to the Ithaca College coursework, students will participate in
the Hanyang University International Summer School. This summer school
tuition will be included in the Ithaca College exchange program costs. In
the HU Program, all students will reside in dual occupancy rooms with a
Korean national student who is also studying at Hanyang University. Ithaca
College students may have the option to enroll in a Hanyang University
course. Also, students may participate in Korean Cooking, Taekwondo, or
Korean Pottery classes that will be offered throughout the summer term.
The students will embark on various field trips throughout the summer term
to Buddhist temples, palaces, and other famous areas of Korea―expenses
for these field trips is also included in the tuition. Students may elect
to participate in the major field trip to China, a 4-day tour to Beijing
and Harbin. However, if students wish to stay in Korea during this time,
they may stay in the Hanyang University dorm rooms.

Application Process:
Ithaca College students must apply by FEBRUARY 24th, 2006 with the Office
of International Programs (CHS, 2nd floor).


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