Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Corn toss? Wheelchair Handball? Fitness Fix-it-Facts?

iMPrint Magazine: College Life’s Internet Magazine, published from Ithaca College, is proud to announce its second edition of the year, “Fit for College.”

Write a paper. Have a drink. Go to the gym. Somewhere between the books and the beer there’s a healthy lifestyle for college students. This month, iMPrint searches for that happy medium. Check out some of the headlines:

Not Your Ordinary Intramurals
By Dan Cassavaugh, iMPrint Writer
“Corn toss, wheelchair handball and inner tube water polo. These intramurals are hitting campuses across the country and growing fast.”

Battling More Than Just Books
By Jamie Saine, iMPrint Writer
“Clair Melville, a fourth-year medical student at Keele/Manchester University in the United Kingdom, works hard to balance class, work and a social life. But recently, Clair, 24, has added headaches, fatigue and frequent medical appointments to her agenda. Clair is not only a college student; she is a cancer patient as well.”

iMPrint Insider: Five Fitness Fix-it Facts
By Alice Pak, iMPrint Writer
“So you’ve been good about hitting the gym, you’ve foregone the late night cheesy pizza to make more or less health conscious food choices, and you still look like you did before you made all those sacrifices. Wait. What?”

A Big Risk to Swallow
By Chelsea Boryca, iMPrint Writer
“Like many students, Megan*, a freshman at University of Wyoming, has made drinking part of her weekly routine. But at what risks?”


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