Sunday, October 30, 2005

Park really IS the just about everything!

The news from the National Student Media conference in Kansas City this weekend is amazing, unbelievable, extraordinary -- but hey, we know we're the best. It's just nice when everybody else knows it, too.

ICTV took FIRST PLACE in FIVE (count 'em: FIVE) different categories (the most of any college in the country!), and The Ithacan won a Pacemaker Award -- widely considered the Pulitzer Prize of college media.

Here's the rundown for ICTV:

BEST COMEDY: Jesse Porter '05, Heather Lew, "The Solarium"
BEST DOCUMENTARY/PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Matt Antalek, Dan Shott, Jaime Foster,
Rachel Webster, "Mad Cow Crusaders"
BEST DRAMA: Matt Wiener '05, Andrea Adams, "My Loyal Imposters #3"
BEST PROMO: Rob Edwards '05, "The Ithacan Online"

The Ithacan also took fourth place in the Best of Show competition, and Chris Baxter won second place in the Story of the Year (News Category) competition.

Congratulations to all of you who work so hard to make the Park student media the standard of excellence across the country. We couldn't be prouder.


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