Monday, November 14, 2005

MTV-U is back at Park!

Three times in a month! MTV-U has discovered the Park School.

In October, Zack Wilson traveled to NYC to interview Park alum Mark Romanek. He did a fabulous job, the tape is great, and Zack got to meet Romanek. Very cool.

Two weeks ago, MTV-U came to Ithaca to profile Mike Potter, who is working on a gaming simulation designed to help students interact with their PT/OT patients. The two guys who were here for the shoot said a whole bunch (if people come in bunches...) of the production staff at MTV-U in New York are Park grads...they're rooting for us when it comes to story development.

And it's working.

Last week, the MTV-U crew was back on campus, this time to profile 'The Screening Room,' and the ICTV crew that produces it. This just in from Ryan Regan;

The producers from mtvU have come and taped our show already, and
everything went absolutely amazing. Thank you for your offer for help.
If you know of any way we could get the word out about TSR being on
mtvU, that would be great. The show is going to air from this coming
Tuesday to the following Monday, airing once if not twice a day. The
show will also be available on demand on for anyone who wishes
to watch it. Again, thank you for your offer for help. This was a great
experience, and I am so excited to see our ICTV show air in front of a
national audience.

Me, too!


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