Thursday, November 03, 2005

NBC Investigative Reporter Speaks in Park Tonight

Come get the inside story: NBC'S Chief Investigative Reporter is Coming to Park
Your most trusted source may have a hidden agenda. He or she may be a "cut-out" for someone else. Your "big story" may be a "dangle" coming out of an intelligence agency or a rogue group within such an agency. Someone inside your news organization may have a big mouth, may violate a confidence, and put you and your story in jeopardy. Or, you may get on the air or in print without any of those problems. You are elated and on to your next story when a subpoena arrives inviting you to a grand jury to tell just how you broke that big story and to identify your sources.

Ira Silverman was chief investigative producer for NBC News. He lived in the world of cut outs, dangles, hidden agendas, and newsroom betrayals. He's had his share of subpoenas, but he's agreed to be "cross-examined" at the Park School without one.

Confidential Sources, Cut-outs, Dangles,
and the Hunt for the Big Story

Thursday, Nov. 3
7:30 p.m.
Park Auditorium


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