Monday, December 05, 2005

And the winners are.....

Yes, folks, we've picked the names of the 20 lucky Park School students who will be going to France in May. We received at least 300 applications and I wish we could take you all, but the good news is, if you didn't get picked this year, you can try again next year.

In addition to these 20 names, we have picked an additional five "back-ups" in the event that somebody cannot go, after all. We'll fill any open slots in the order in which the names were picked. And we're not announcing those names at this point, so you won't all start hoping that any of the winners comes down with a terrible case of the measles the first week of May...:-)

The group includes four freshmen, three sophomores, seven juniors and six seniors. It also includes three journalism majors; four C&P majors; eight TV-R majors and three IMC majors; and two OCLD majors.

Here are this year's lucky winners (in alphabetical order):

Jesse Borrell, junior
Lucien DeLaBruere, freshman
Michael Demarast, freshman
William Feldman, sophomore
Matt Gogal, junior
Hillary Gozigian, junior
Michael Hubbard, junior
Susan Kraus, senior
Heather Lew, senior
Ana Liss, junior
Marissa Lamb, senior
Amanda Morrissette, junior
Lindsay Piccotti, senior
Laura Rowett, freshman
Michelle Rueda, freshman
Sean Servis, junior
Christine Szudzik, senior
Abigail Lisa Valovage, sophomore
Michael Wechsler, senior
Nicole Zachringer, sophomore

Congratulations to you all! And to everybody else, better luck next time!


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