Monday, November 14, 2005

In the "Wish I'd Thought of That..." category

Interested in animation? Here's a new outlet for your creative talents: (OK, so I usually restrict these posts to Park programs and events, but hey, lots of Park students will be really interested in what the heck):

Hello all, So, after 25 years of launching networks for others, we've finally decided to do it for ourselves. Welcome to Channel Frederator. ( Today, we're announcing the creation of the world's first cartoon podcast, Channel Frederator.

Free weekly episodes of submitted cartoons, for distribution on the new Apple video iPods, Sony PlayStation Portables (PSP), or other portable video devices. You can subscribe directly from the iTunes Podcast Directory, or by download, or RSS (whatever that means).

Previews began Friday afternoon, and we've already #1 on Apple's Arts & Entertainment Podcast Directory (and #17 overall out of all the podcasts in the world); that's more than 10,000 downloads of our first episode. We're incredibly excited about our network, and based on what preview viewers have told us, we're hoping you will be too. FILMMAKERS remember, Channel Frederator is all about cartoons submitted by you. If you're interested in the possibility of being included in future episodes, submit your films here: . It's a free podcast. Please let us know what you think,

The (Channel) Frederator Team


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