Sunday, November 27, 2005

WABC-TV offers great summer internship!

Here's a note from an alum who is now working at WABC-TV in New York City. Sounds like a GREAT internship...

7 On Your Side is simply the best internship at WABC-TV. I’m biased though - I’m Steve Livingstone - 7 On Your Side Producer. If you intern with me, I’ll be your boss, colleague and mentor.

First - let me tell you about our unit. 7 On Your Side is the consumer/troubleshooting unit of Eyewitness News. We air segments approximately 3 times a week. (each runs about 1:30 in length.)

As a result, we need a steady supply of good story ideas. That’s where the interns come in. It’s the interns’ job to transform viewer emails and voicemails into story ideas - which I approve. Next - interns call the subjects of these approved story ideas and get all the information and documentation in order to see if the idea is worth pursuing. This work is akin to what a paid researcher/booker might do. We also have logging to do, shoots to go on, and edit sessions to observe. Also, if interns show initiative - I encourage them to write sample story scripts that I edit.

But one caution - this is not an easy internship. You won’t be asked to go on errands, make copies or get coffee. Our internship is a serious job, with serious responsibilities. I usually say this is the first job you’ll have in television. I promise - you will learn a lot and you will work hard.

WABC-TV's internship night is sometime in the spring; I'll keep you posted, or you can contact the station directly and get the information you need.


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