Tuesday, November 07, 2006

LOG ON, Help a fellow Parkie head to San Francisco

OK, guys, this is a challenge to the Park School. If you were in Nicole's position, you would hope that we would all pitch in and make YOU the best-read blogger in the competition.

So bookmark the page, and make it a point to log on and read her work every single day -- at least five times -- for the next three weeks. You can do this for a fellow Park student...and when it's your turn, the rest of us will do it for you....

Greetings, Dean Lynch!

I am writing to tell you about this contest that I am in! I have been chosen as a student blogger for Experience.com and if my blog gets the most readers out of the 5 technology blogs I will be going to San Francisco for a job shadow at Digg.com, courtesy of CBCampus. Experience is a career site specifically for college students & alumni that provides extraordinary job opportunities, real-world insights, and a network of inspirational role-models to help students explore and launch careers they love.

The reason that I am even qualified for this contest is because of the awesome classes and professors I have had from Park. Starting tomorrow, when the blogs go live, I will be trying to rally support from as many people as possible here at IC... especially Park! Could you maybe pass on the word and ask anyone to read my blog if you want me to lead this challenge!

I will be blogging for 20 days--take a look whenever you get a chance!




Nicole Spitalieri
Class of 2007
Senior Class Secretary
SGA Senior Class Senator


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