Monday, February 26, 2007

Park Gala...oooh la la!....needs your help

Last spring, two Parkies -- Matt Gogal and Amy Zeleznock -- got in touch with me with a fantastic idea: They wanted to establish an annual Park School Gala, a semi-formal celebration open to Park School students and their guests.

"We wanted something fun that everyone could all bond over as well as getting all pretty," says Amy.

I agreed that that was a pretty cool idea, so I said I'd help sponsor it (hey, what's a dean for?).

And now it's happening:

TIME: 8pm-11:59pm (apparently Emerson is closing at 12 midnight).
DETAILS: Parkies: $10
Non-Parkies (including dates, which ARE NOT REQUIRED): $15
(Such a deal...)

At this point, Amy and Matt need some help to get this thing going.

And that means you.

We're looking for five or six great Parkies who would be willing to help with the planning and dedicate an hour or so the night of the event (in shifts, so nobody has to work the whole evening).

The benefits of volunteer work include:

1. you get in for free,
2. you can be the organizer next year, after Amy and Matt graduate;
3. you can put it on your resume;
4. you can feel great about the fact that you helped make a very special event happen in the Park School, and that means all your friends will owe you big time.

Email Amy and Matt. And start planning for the first-ever PARK GALA.


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I they they made it $10 for everyone now

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