Sunday, March 11, 2007

Learn from the pros.... From Pitch to Air: The Life of a Project

This has been a great year for alumni contributions in the Park School.

Our Ithaca Fund -- donations we receive from our alumni and families that fund student travel, projects, special events (like the Park Gala, a major contribution to the Ithaca College Fashion Show, and special speakers galore) -- is at an all-time high (hurrah!). And we have welcomed a steady stream of our most talented and successful alum to the school to provide students with amazing professional opportunities.

And here's another one: Josh Beck and Doug Bailey, execs at the Discovery Channel, will be on campus Friday and Saturday, March 30-31, to present “From Pitch To Air: The Life of a Project” -- a one-credit mini-course in television program development.

As you consider taking the course, it's important to know that the ideas and concepts that come out of the course will belong to the Discovery Channel. Participants will need to sign a release form relinquishing their rights to the intellectual property produced in the course. (As you may know, the Park School generally assigns all rights to intellectual property to the students producing the ideas or the work; in cases like this one, however, we think the opportunity to work with our professional alumni is valuable enough to make an exception -- as long as students know right from the beginning that that's the deal.)

Enrollment is limited to 12 students, juniors and seniors only.

Here's the course description:


A fun and interactive class that allows students an opportunity to cultivate their program ideas, discuss it amongst their peers, and pitch it to a TV Development executive. In addition, the students will learn the various pitfalls associated with television production as well as gain insight into the different funding schemes and deal structures that are commonly used within the television industry.


Each student must bring three (3) specific program ideas to the first day of class. These ideas will encompass the core values contained in the Creative Brief and will be appropriate for exploitation on Discovery Channel. In addition, each student must sign the Release prior to the first day of class.



4pm Introductions & Overview

Josh Beck and Doug Bailey will discuss their respective backgrounds and what they hope to accomplish during the class.

4:30pm How are ideas are developed?

Doug will discuss how ideas are generated (e.g., internal brainstorming, requests for proposals), how Producers pitch their ideas (e.g., industry markets, website submission), and what the network looks for in a pitch (e.g., on-brand, proper audience targets, etc).

5:00pm Divide into Peer Groups

The students will be broken into 4 groups of 3 to discuss the ideas they brought to class. The discussions will revolve around which ideas fit within the realm of the Creative Brief and how practical the idea is. Each group will then chose 1 idea amongst themselves to further refine and pitch on Saturday.

6:00pm End


9:30 am Questions

The students will have an opportunity to ask questions about their pitches before breaking into groups.

10:00 am Divide into Peer Groups

The students will divide back up into their peer groups to prepare a 10 minute pitch presentation to Doug and Josh.

11:00 am Break

11:15 am The Pitch

Each peer group will pitch their idea for no more than 10 minutes. They will then receive a critique from Doug and Josh on not only the content of the presentation, but also their presentation style and delivery.

12:45 pm Lunch

2:00 pm And the winner is…

Josh and Doug will reveal the idea they have chosen to “greenlight” and why.

2:15 pm Project Issues

Josh will dissect all of the issues associated with the project from a production, business and legal standpoint.

3:00 pm Deal Structures

Josh will discuss the various deal structures (e.g., Commissions and Co-Productions) that are used in the TV industry, how they are negotiated and what they actually mean.

3:45 pm Break

4:00 pm Production Issues

Josh and Doug will discuss the various issues (e.g., overages, blocked access, production delays) that crop up during production and how they affect the network (e.g., changes in scheduling).

4:30 pm Post Delivery

Doug will discuss what happens within the Network after a show is delivered (e.g., how press and scheduling interact, how the tape gets on the air, etc).

5:00 pm Questions/Career Advice

The students are free to ask frank questions and advice about the industry, getting a job or any other relevant topic.

6:00 pm End

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