Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of COURSE we wouldn't ignore the amazing photography in Park....


You may have noticed that we're in the process of installing four video screens in the Park lobby. It has always been our intention to use that wall for the presentation of student and faculty work -- film, video, Web, and photos -- as a reflection of the amazing creativity and dynamic talent in the school.

I got an email from a student concerned that we were no longer going to be displaying student photographs in the lobby -- and I want to assure you all that that's not the case. The wall to the right of the lobby (where the cozy chairs are now) will be dedicated to "real life" photographic work; we're talking now about how best to present and protect them.

We'll also be presenting a slideshow of student and faculty work on one of the video screens, which will allow us to feature MANY more photographs than the single glass cases used to accommodate (as you may recall, we often had three or four photographs in those spaces for months at a time).

Just wanted to clarify: the design of the lobby is intended to be welcoming AND to celebrate the work that you do, every day, in the school. Phase II of the renovation will occur this summer, and will include a new floor, an extension of the improvements down both hallways, additional screens, and more ceiling treatments. By fall 2007, we'll have a central public space in the Park School worthy of its community and the work that you all do.

I can't wait.


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