Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something new to report...

I made a pretty self-absorbed mistake in my last entry.

I said there was nothing new to report.

I should have said there was nothing new to report about ME.

There are all kinds of new things going on in the Park School (of course) -- perhaps the most important of which is that Orientation for our incoming students started this week, and we have 60-plus first-year students on campus today, getting their schedules, meeting one another, and beginning their careers as Parkies. (Remember that? Remember how excited and nervous you were? It's SO FUN.)

We also spent three long and amazing days a few weeks ago kicking off the Knight Foundation Innovation Incubator Project. More than 1750 people and organizations applied for these Knight grants, designed to develop new ways of thinking about and producing community news and information. Of the 1750, only 25 got awards -- and Park was one of them. The project also involves six other colleges, and students are working together this summer to create brand new, original ideas and news products, which they'll present to the industry at the Online News Association conference in's really challenging, really frustrating, and really amazing. (And props to Brandy Hawley in Journalism for her unbelievable work on this project...)

We have hired Steve Ginsburg to be the LA Professional-in-Residence, which means that Steve will be working with us full-time over the next two years, to help develop opportunities for students and create new professional relationships for the center. Those of you who have had a chance to work with Steve know what an energetic, talented and dedicated teacher and professional he is; we're delighted to have him with us on a more permanent basis.

Construction started yesterday in the lobby. We're going to finish the renovation project we started last summer (well, almost: the floor won't be done until December, sigh). So when you get back, things around here will look pretty snazzy. Even more than usual.

Pete Johanns has been around all summer, gearing up to take on leadership in ICTV in the fall. And Eloise Green and I have been meeting to talk about new initiatives in our internship program (if you haven't taken the Sexual Harassment training workshop yet, you should DEFINITELY plan on doing that first week back in the fall....)

And it's only June 21. It's going to be a great summer....I will definitely keep you posted.

Happy Summer Solstice!



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