Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You may have noticed....

....that I've taken a break from blogging since the end of the semester -- not because I haven't missed you all (I have) but because it's been summer, I've been traveling a lot, and there hasn't been anything new to report. (Really.)

That's still the case, and it will continue to be the case (at least in terms of news about me) until mid-July.

If you haven't checked the Ithacan lately, you'll find a Q-and-A with me posted today, and yes, it's about the Berkeley job. It says what I've been saying for a month: I've agreed to be nominated, the Regents will decide in July, and if I do leave Ithaca, it won't happen until January. So I'll be here to welcome you back in the fall, no matter what else the future may bring.

And I'm looking forward to it (it's too quiet around here when you're gone...except it sure is easy to find a parking space!).

Hope you're having a wonderful, restful and productive summer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"there hasn't been anything new to report. (Really.)"

REALLY? are you sure? let's not fool ourselves.

10:09 PM  

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