Sunday, May 06, 2007

Top ten reasons you're proud to be a Parkie?

This just in from May '06 grad Justin Talbott, founder of a community website designed to identify the top ten....everything.

Here's what he has to say: is the newest spin on the social community website, in that it is based around user creation of top ten lists. Aimed at the creative and knowledgeable web user, gives members an outlet to share their expertise, humor, and discoveries with their friends and community.

Lists can be composed of anything from creative writing, to pictures, to links, to Youtube videos and other embed-able media. Members vote on each other's lists to decide what makes it to the front page. Unlike most community websites, really lets its users' personalities shine through in the lists they create.

I launched in February and it is continuing to gain momentum. Many of the sites 200+ users are Ithaca students and alumni too!

...I am very proud of how the site has grown and I'd love to get the word out to even more Ithaca students and faculty. (Even one of my favorite professors Simon Tarr has created a list!) It can be a very powerful tool for spreading knowledge, sharing opinions, and simply keeping in touch with peers.

Here's an idea: How about the Top Ten Reasons You're Proud to be a Parkie?


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