Sunday, May 06, 2007

Go Bombers: Help a fellow Parkie

This just in from a fellow Parkie....who's trying to help a fellow Parkie....

So a fellow Ithaca Alum is attempting to be a part of Real World 20...why? Well, with the new innovations happening in the media world, MTV has created a viral effort to choose who will be starring in RW20...and I'm thinking that with your help, we can get one of our own on the show. Hoping you all will take a minute out of your day today (and, if you get bored, any other day) to check out the link below and click on the "vote" button on the top left hand corner. Feel free to pass along to your friends too...he's a good buddy of mine and I really want to see him live out his dream.Thanks for your help -- go Bombers.



Blogger Chris N. said...

Haha. Nice headline for this post.

Thanks Dianne. I appreciate you getting the word out to help me acquire votes. Joe has an entertaining (yet effective) way of promoting me.

Don't worry, I plan to do a lot of sensible things on this show if I'm cast. I'll definitley take this show in a more positive direction as compared to the typical chaos in previous seasons. One does not have to be offensive or cause drama to be found entertaining.

MTV is seeking business oriented and career driven individuals for this particular season. I could ramble on and on about how I fit that mold. There should be some interesting spins to the job aspect involved in this season.

Please excuse the marketing strategy used to obtain votes from the shows biggest viewer demographic (high school and college viewers who put partying on a pedestal). Keep in mind the voting process is a competition.

Anyhow, it's a great opportunity for anyone to be on this show. You just need to go into such an experience with the right reasons.

If I'm cast, I'll be sure to make myself available to anyone interested in a more detailed interview.

Best regards,

- Chris N., Park Grad of '04

10:34 AM  

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