Wednesday, August 22, 2007 It's hilarious...really.


So you're counting the hours (really, aren't you? I am...) until you're all back on campus and hanging out and being here (we really did miss you all...I hate it when you're gone; parking is good, but the rest of that empty campus thing really doesn't work for me....)

But while you're waiting to smoosh that last box in the car, slam the trunk and head for Ithaca, take a few minutes and check outsome hilarious videos by a group of your fellow Parkies: Sean Brogan (TVR), Zach Capp (TVR), Matt Portman (Journalism), Jake Alinikoff (CPMA), Harrison Flateau (Writing) and Dave Newberg (Culture & Comm).

Last spring, they produced one sketch, Discontinuous, (which received "immortal status" on Will Ferrell's comedy video hosting website It was discovered by some people over at the CW (the merger of UPN and the WB) who are going to show it this fall on a show called Online Nation, which airs at 7 p.m. on Sundays (Wahoo!).

The guys have just made two more videos -- and I mean JUST -- and you can find all of them on CannibalPotluck (, which was developed by fellow parkie Luke Elmers.

OR you can go to OR OR

So take a minute, log on, watch the videos, and LAUGH.

And let 'em know you did, will you? We all love to hear that we're making the world a happier (or funnier) place.



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