Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another great mini-course: The Business of Television

David Spiegelman ’80, Senior Executive Vice President, Domestic TV Distribution and Marketing for New Line Cinema will be teaching a 1-credit mini course: The Business of Television: Program Distribution, Marketing & Series Development. Registration is now available on line through Homer Connect. This course is limited to 25 junior/senior majors ONLY.

CRN #24105 TVR 29200-01

Title: The Business of Television: Program Distribution, Marketing & Series Development

Description: This course will explore how TV programs and motion pictures get licensed to a variety of networks. It will also detail how TV syndication works. In addition, you will examine the marketing tools used in launching a new series or the release of a new motion picture. Then we will study series development. What are the tools needed to create and develop a new program? How do you pitch one and where do you pitch it? Finally, each student will get to prepare a new series idea and pitch it!

Recommended reading for course: Desperate Networks by Bill Carter

Date and Times: Friday, October 26 4:00-7:00
Saturday, October 27 9:00-6:00
Sunday, October 28 10:00-1:00


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