Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ICB Sunday important, relevant,!

This just in from Chris Wheatley:

Three cheers for Chris Baxter and his team of reporters and producers on an amazing debut of "ICB Sunday" on Sept. 23. WICB's Sunday night news magazine program is back, and better than ever. Listeners were treated to reports on the Tompkins County S.P.C.A.'s no-kill policy, the Ithaca Town Supervisor race, and the recent AIDS Ride For Life.

It was such a pleasure to listen to. Every piece was well researched, and the production—from delivery and interviews to the bump music—was extremely professional. The stories were important and relevant. Even the pacing of the show was relaxed yet professional. Everyone sounded so poised!

"ICB Sunday" represents a return to the ambitious, community-oriented journalism WICB has been known for. Doing great radio takes time and care Thanks to generous helpings of both, we have a winner on Sunday evenings at 7:00.


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