Thursday, September 20, 2007

OK, guys, it could be your turn next time...

So we're all Parkies, and if there is ANYTHING Parkies do, it's stick together and help each other click at a time.

AJ Pinkerton, a Cinema,Photo & Media Arts major, needs our help.

Your help.

He's entered his short film in an online competition and -- you got it -- he needs our votes.

Come've got 30 seconds to help him out. I know you do. (And it's one of those "pass it forward" or "what goes around, comes around" things. When you need us to vote for YOUR work, we'll do that, too...)

So, here's the scoop:

The video is located at
Potty Hands.

Voting continues until Sept. 30.

AJ's currently in third place.

Wouldn't it be so great if we all got together and boosted him into FIRST?

We can do it. You can help.

And I know you will.

I just know it.


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